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NHC's highly skilled experts specialize in water resource management. This focus gives NHC the capability to provide the authoritative answers that clients need to solve their water management issues.

While our education and experience gives us the tools to address any challenge, our ability to devise practical solutions differentiates us from many other sources of expertise. We gain an understanding of the resource conditions and associated issues, but then also focus on the needs of our client and the affected community. We use this approach to identify solutions that are scientifically grounded but also responsive to real world client and community needs.

As part of our high level of service to our clients, we look at problems from multiple perspectives to align with your main goals and those of the communities that you serve. We become a responsive extension of your own team, to attain a successful and supported project solution every time.

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NHC's Benefits for Clients

1. Confidence in Sound Products: When you hire NHC, you gain certainty. You get solutions based on the best scientific information and practical knowledge. Our results are presented in easily understandable reports, maps, and other products with effective graphics and data tables. Our quality products give your team the clarity to move forward confidently.

2. Immediate and Long-term Benefits: Our solutions involve thinking in both immediate and long-range timeframes. We solve immediate problems, but think ahead to address the sustainability of our solutions, both in terms of project life and maintenance needs and cost.

3. Maximizing Water Efficiency, Safety, and Environmental Quality: Our work targets key goals of many water resource entities: efficiency in water use, safety from flood hazards, and protection of the environment. Our products help provide the basis to increase water efficiency through careful design and integration of water systems with risks posed by moving waters. Our work in predicting flood conditions and planning for the required infrastructure serves an informed foundation for agency investments to enhance public safety. Our analysis of hydrologic conditions, hydraulic conditions, and water quality helps safeguard aquatic habitats and the broader natural environment.

4. Cost Efficiency: Real money savings come from well thought-out solutions that are effective and long-lasting. When we participate in the early planning stages of a project, we often can recommend design changes that can improve the project's efficiency and effectiveness, thereby resulting in unexpected cost savings in construction or long-term maintenance.

5. No Red Tape: NHC is easy to work with. Our teams consist of the minimum number of technical staff to meet your needs. Our Principals work directly with clients, often in managing projects. Our technical staff is highly experienced and well integrated into project teams. We have effective accounting systems to ensure that projects stay on budget. We keep in close communication with our clients. The result is a lean team that focuses on results, not unnecessary management processes.

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